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Design, scientific
In 1, after we get the inion the first time arrived at the scene, were observed and measured on the site
Take out the reasonable design of 2, according to the specific requirements of the actual situation and customer site.
3, communication, coordination, detailed scheme and client changes, until the customer satisfied.
4, our design team has more than 3 years work experience, be able to select the most reasonable shelf system according to the customer's site and the actual demand for foreign customers to recommend to customers, we have a set of design process, to ensure that the design drawings is fine, accurate without any error.

Two, accurate delivery time
In 1, won the customer orders, the first time to calculate the product list.
2, business assistant imtely and contact check warehouse inventory, if the inventory in stock, and the customer to confirm the delivery time.
3, such as non-standard specifications or customized products no inventory, imtely to the production orders production department production.
4, the factory production period is generally 7 to 10 working days, during the production of business assistant will follow up the production schedule, such as abnormal will solve the timely treatment, such as the impact of the delivery will be the first time and customer communication and negotiation.
Installation services three, safe and efficient

Will advance and customers confirmed shipment and installation time, before the 1 goods fast, to allow customers to do the preparatory work.
2, by the professional installation personnel to install service, special installation position after training certificates.
3, the installation process in accordance with the requirements of customers, not to disturb the customer's normal work and life.
4, the installation site by the installation of the people responsible for the division of labor, installed according to the design issued by the Department of drawings, to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Four, after-sales service commitment
Response within 2 hours in 1, after receiving customer demand after the phone.
2, province customers 12 hours arrangements and technical personnel to the scene processing. 48 hours outside the customer processing to solve and documented.
3, to product replacement completed in three days.
4, to the customer feedback problems to the first time epidemic treatment.
5, regular visits to customers, recording and resolve customer put forward opinions and suggestions.

Five, shelf life
1, for a period of five years, the warranty period, the quality problems occurring in normal use, the seller should maintenance inspections in arrive the spot within 24 hours after receiving the notice, maintenance fee shall be borne by the seller.
2, if the failure caused by human factors or overweight, Seller shall have the obligation to repair, but the damage and repair costs borne by the user.
3, in good faith, friendship, the principle of long-term cooperation, after the expiration of the warranty, if service is required, the seller to the buyer only charge the cost of materials and labor cost.






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