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Bench work characteristics and the matters needing attention


Bench work characteristics:
1, heavy duty bench work foot reserve the power line, the convenience of customers to install a power socket.
2, choose the appropriate desktop can be directly on the working table with table vice, suitable for bench work.
Operating table body assembly 3, simple, high strength, can make the work table bearing 1000kg.
4, bench work tool cabinet can be installed, can reasonably use the space, storing tools and spare parts.
5, a variety of desktop, can be matched with different application requirements.
Bench work notice:
First of all, bench work general requirements must be close to the wall, people standing on the side of the work, there is no man opposite.
1, with a handsaw sawing workpieces, blade should be taut, lest blade break.
2, bench work should be set on the wire fence, in the chisel should pay attention to the safety of staff, prohibited the use of high speed steel chisel.
3, bench work to clean up the debris, the tool and the workpiece to be placed in the designated area.
Some people work 4, opposite, must set the safety net of proper density.
The lighting voltage using the 5, bench work on the 36V and below voltage security.
6, the use of bench work must be checked using the tools are in good condition.

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