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How to choose between the vehicle and the factory tool cabinet, which is more suitable?


The factory in the need to search a field equipment for managing production equipment tools, tools, parts, often encounter tool cabinets and tools exist at the same time, and may be in the two kinds of plants have a difficult choice. In fact, from the overall structure, tool cabinets, tool cart is nothing more than having a movable function, but because of the characteristics of a structure, make the vehicle production process in many plants can adapt to the environment in the factory.
The difference between a tool cabinet, and the tool car:
1, the bottom of the vehicle four 4 inch Pu wheels, four wheels of the total load can reach 1000kg; wheel vehicle can also be used with the wheel and brake function, not the brakes fixed sliding, ensure the production safety of personnel and equipment safety.
2, tool cabinets is a plant more than vehicle type, he can use the foot seat is fixed, can also be used to adjust a foot, and can protect the body, and to improve the uneven ground shaking caused by; tool cabinet can also use the wheel, of course, it becomes a tool of tool cabinet the car, which is the tool cabinet tool car and the biggest difference.
Two, where is suitable for tool cabinet:
The factory does not need to move the place to position the tool can use the tool cabinet. Even if some uneven place, such as the use of a tool cabinet foot seat adjustment, also can let the tool easily and neatly placed.
Three, the tool car:
The vehicle used to move the place, which can easily be placed tools from one place to another place, at the same time, because of the self-locking function vehicle wheel, can also serve as a common use of tool cabinet.
Manufacturers in the selection tool car and vehicle, must be combined with the actual situation of the factory to choose, for example: tools need to move, the ground is a convenient tool for the car to walk, whether there are obstacles in the workshop, using tools or tool cabinet which is more advantage, so that it can really improve the efficiency of production, clean & tidy effect!

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