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How to choose to fit their own warehouse shelves

What kind of goods shelves in the warehouse is better? Maybe a lot of people do not know what the beginning of the warehouse shelves suitable for their own use. Actually warehouse shelf is need according to the characteristics of their own warehouse, can only say that the warehouses in different, different application requirements, should use is not the same as the shelf, for example, for a plastic products factory production, the factory production of is all kinds of plastic products, from the production process, into the raw material is bags of granular products, for the majority of manufacturers, purchase are put in warehouse, different manufacturers, different warehouse management are inconsistent, some manufacturers, purchase may is the raw material is placed in a corner, bagged the particles are placed in plastic tray.
Produced products may require the seal box, the product is placed in all kinds of cartons, carton packaging, size is standard, easy placement, product, for preservation work requirements higher, usually require separate custody of the product, at this moment, can put boxes placed on the shelves, according to the weight of carton specifications and placement of goods to choose different shelves, so there is no say in the warehouse will use what kind of shelf.
To solve this problem it combined with the actual situation of design, to meet the requirements of different use. If you need to use the shelf, but to use what kind of shelf, how to design shelves, how to put in doubt, can call directly 0769-8115 2755 to understand.

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