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【Name】:Combination of platform

【Specifications】:According to demands

【Bearing】:200-500kg/ square

【Texture of material】:Q235 cold rolling mill

【Color】:Blue / orange / grey

【Packing】:No packaging

【Use】:The storage of goods.

【Surface Treatment】:Paint


Shelf platform can floor space by using double, improve space utilization, reduce operating costs. According to thewarehouse space design platform span, the whole assembly type structure, free combination, disassembly,installation is convenient and flexible. The column, girder, cross beam cross-section optimization, strong bearing capacity. Usually served with a lifting platform use goods, efficiency, floor empty department with the guard rail,and convenient configuration walk up and down stairs. The platform panel can choose wood, steel or steel gusset plate, the overall appearance, safe structure.

The scope of application:

Apply to net space height greater than 4.0m warehouses and other buildings, below the shelf tray, platform abovegoods stacked or put up shelves.

The shelf application case:

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